The Ukranian Egg: A Symbol of New Life

Egg decorating isn’t only for Easter! When you’re born and raised in Ukraine, it’s a craft that’s ingrained in your culture. Katya, both a mother and maker, explains that there are three things you need to be successful in her craft (1) eggs (2) a post office and (3) a spirit that’s willing to take on any challenge.

How were you introduced to the art of egg decorating?

I am Ukranian. I was born into traditional batik egg art. The Pysanka Ukranian Easter egg is a national symbol and everyone knows how to decorate one in some way or another. This craft is simply part of my cultural identity.

Did you know? For generations Ukrainians have decorated eggs. Katya describes that during the process of egg decorating there’s a ritualistic element involved, a sort magical thinking and a calling out to the gods and goddesses for health, fertility, love and wealth. 

What makes decorating eggs so special in your life?

I have the freedom to work anywhere that has eggs and a post office 🙂 I can plan my day, week and year as I please. I also enjoy doing custom work. Last week I designed a dog print ornament for a Veterinarian clinic! Sometimes I make custom birth announcement eggs. What’s really special is the personal messages customers include when they are gifting an egg. I find myself choking up when I read them, especially ones between mothers and daughters. What do you buy for an expecting motheer? A pink and blue egg with a note “Congratulations!”. An egg is a symbol of new life. 

What makes it so exciting as an artist?

New discoveries and accidental discoveries keep things very exciting. Every day I learn something new and I love to test new things! For example, I recently mixed royal blue with turquoise and the results were stunning. Sometimes, I even need to invent my own shade before a supplier has it available.


Besides your passion for egg decorating, what are your hobbies?

Confession: I have a slight obsession with rugs. Before I purchase one, I research the region and maker(s). Also, I enjoy gardening during the Spring and Summer. My garden serves as a photo studio for my egg shots– the natural backdrop and light creates beautiful images.
You are an artist, an entrepreneur and a mother. How do you manage the balance of these roles in your life?

I wear many hats– I’m a mother, wife, artist, designer, photographer, dog owner and gardener. It’s not easy everyday but I don’t think I could live differently. Running an online business is a 24-7 job, so I try to create a schedule that syncs with my family life.

What’s your resolution for 2018?

I want to break away from my orders and do freestyle designs– come up with something new. I try to do that when I have a light schedule. However, this time of year a lot of holiday orders are coming in so it’s a bit challenging.


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Written by Sophie N.

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