Inspiration For a Cozy Home

‘Tis the season! We’ve rounded up a group of talented designers to show us how to deck the halls and create a cozy home for even the coldest winter nights. From wooden ornaments to circle pillows, these designers inspire us to spruce up our living rooms, bedrooms or dinettes this holiday season. Make sure to stay warm because baby it’s cold outside!

1. Choose Items That Bring Comfort to Your Space

Zoya Palike, Founder of Chromatics


How can decor bring a warm environment to our homes?

I’ve been exposed to the concept of a well-decorated home since childhood. From the ages of eight to sixteen I lived in a region of Russia where it started snowing in October. Due to the cold weather, my home became the heart of all social interactions, so the interior had to feel warm. I learned that a few well-chosen decorative objects can make a strong impact on a home’s personality.

What’s your go-to decor for creating a cozy space?

My collection of round cushions is among my favorites. It’s timeless and was inspired by Orientalist paintings. In general, cushions are common decorating objects, but round cushions are unique. The shape offers originality.

2. Add a Touch of Wood and Light

Sylviane, Founder of Le Coin Du Bois



Where does your love for wood come from?

My father is a retired carpenter, so as a child I would hang out in his workshop. I used to gather small pieces of wood, a hammer and a few nails, then let my creativity flow. Wood has always been a part of my life. Now, I enjoy creating wooden objects that can bring happiness to people’s lives such as wooden candle holders, vases and ornaments.

Your wooden decor is perfect for the holiday season. What do you like most about this time of year?

I live in the French Alps and we just had our first snowfall. It was like an announcement that Christmas is arriving. For me, and probably many others, the holidays are a time of peacefulness. It’s a time when the family gathers to enjoy a piece of cinnamon pie and a glass of mulled wine. The atmosphere feels soft with lit candles. The children help decorate the tree. The table is decorated with holly in wooden vases. My wooden pieces all help foster this warm environment. I believe this is how my products “come to life”.

3. Mix Traditional and Contemporary Design

Faten, Founder of Metis Deco

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.55.48 PM

How did you get into product design?

Growing up I was always exposed to art and design. My mom is an artist and maker. As a curious child, I used to sit next to her and watch her work. Later in life I moved to NYC and started my career as an Interior Architect. What I loved most was creating custom items and furniture for my clients. I decided to expand upon this passion by getting my masters in Product Design.

What is your signature design?

Métis is all about geometry and geometric patterns. I was raised in Beirut where these patterns have been used in the Levant area for centuries. Métis was born out of my pursuit for these patterns. My designs and products are a fusion of this traditional style and modern contemporary design. It’s my way of introducing this part of my culture to the rest of the world.

4. Pick Pet Goods That Look Good

Camille C, Founder of Animalove

DSC_8726 copie

Do pets deserve some design in their lives just like their owners?

Absolutely! Our best friends (animals) play a huge role in our lives, so creating a beautiful environment for them is important. My mission is to make this possible through my collection of trendy pet accessories and furniture. They are great for decorating your home and amusing your pet(s) at the same time!

Tell us about the importance of using natural materials.

I feel that we are in the ephemeral era– what we buy is low price, but also low quality. In pet stores we often find items made of cheap materials like plastic and synthetic fabrics. These easily fall apart and can be bad for your pet’s health. At Animalove, our goal is to use natural materials that are more durable and safe. Our products last for a long time, but not forever. This is why we offer refills. For example, we offer a string and ball refill for our cat wand. This saves our customers from having to replace the entire product if the ball/string breaks.

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Written by Sophie N.



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