Wine is for everyone and there is a wine for everybody!


We are proud to introduce Cha, wine nerd, food lover, former interior renovation project manager…and…proud founder of “The Communion” project. The purpose of Cha’s beautiful project is to share a global experience through using your senses and we couldn’t help dedicating her an article for that!

We’ve asked Cha a few questions, discover a destiny, support a mission:

You define yourself as a Traveler, Wine Nerd, Foodie, and Decor Snob, can you tell us why these words particularly resonate with you? -How were you introduced to the art of food and beverage from around the world?

Well I was first introduced to the World by my Dad, who was a chef.  In my earliest childhood memories, I understood culture through food. He was really big on pairing food with  beer. We would travel all over NYC eating like the “locals” of a particular neighborhood, our most favorite was authentic Chinese food from China Town and Italian food from Little Italy in the Bronx.

“I eventually grow up mastering a palate of seasons, spices and flavors from other cuisines and yearning for more. 

When an opportunity to move to Rome, Italy came up, I jumped right on it. During my travels while abroad, I was inspired to visit vineyards around the world and attend formal tastings in well-known wine countries, Italy, France, Hungary, Spain, Argentina, Chile, California, Update New York and South Africa. I traveled a lot!

As per my love of decor, it comes from years as an interior renovation project manager, I just love creating and building beautiful spaces.  I have an eye for details and creating spaces in an environment is a deal for me.  Sharing my space with guests and setting a beautiful table is just natural for me and brings me a lot of joy.

-When did you discover that you actually had a passion for it?

Living in Italy, there are two things you can’t avoid while immersing yourself into the culture. Italians’ passion for relaxing and the love for gastronomy and good wine.  Yes, living there makes you a foodie and a wine lover!

-Tell us more about the “The Communion Project” – what can participants expect from this event?

The Communion, was created to bring people together and share an experience that I missed from living in Italy: true, good wine, good food, and good conversation.  I named it ‘The Communion’, because here we break bread and finish bottles together.  The event’s main objective is to democratize the notion that being knowledgeable about wine is only for the elite or upper class.

“Wine is for everyone, and there is a wine for everybody.

Want to meet Cha and join her table? Check out her profile and request a session now:

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