Lotus Leaf Painting – Let harmony and happiness free your mind


We are happy to introduce our new Keenobby expertainer, Tristan. Born in Bangkok and raised in France, Tristan became aware of Lotus Leaf Painting on a trip back to his birthplace, where he met the founders. Inspired, he soon brought it to the states.

We have had the pleasure of asking Tristan a few question about this pretty new and unique discipline in the US.


How did you get into Lotus Leaf Painting?

I was born in Bangkok, and spent my child years in Indonesia. My family has always been very interested in and connected with South East Asia. A friend of mine who was living in Singapore heard about the Himapan Project and put me in touch with the founder in Bangkok, and that’s how it all started.

Can you tell us more about the Lotus symbolic and why it is so dear to Himapan?
Lotus is one of those fascinating plants that is just so perfect in every way.
The flower is one of the most beautiful plants you can see. The leaves are gorgeous, and the roots are huge and full of nutrients. Also, each part of the plant has strong health benefits! It’s no surprise that it has such a strong symbolic and spiritual influence in Asia and in the rest of the world.

“As you know, the meditation position is called the Lotus posture, because it also symbolizes harmony and happiness.”

How do New Yorkers react to this new and unique form of art? Can you share one of your best memories?
They really love it, I already had people coming back 3 times!

“This is the perfect relaxing activity for New Yorkers to escape the crazy rhythm of the city.”

I have many great memories, but my favorite is probably when a young guy proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the class. I had planned everything for them in advance and he had prepared a video of their favorite memories together, which we projected in the studio at the end of the class!
What can your attendees expect from your workshop?
This is a very unique workshop.

What makes it really fun is that since the lotus leaves are already so beautiful, you are sure to go home with a really gorgeous painting, no matter if you are an expert painter or not!

Want to take a workshop with Tristan, check his profile and request your session: https://www.keenobby.com/activity/lotus-leaf-painting-workshop/


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