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AlanaPhoto2Welcome Alana, owner of Alana Umbra Natural Perfumes, a 100% natural niche artisan perfumery company located in New York City. Her work is the result of years of research, study, experimentation and devotion to aromatherapy and holistic practice, with a lifelong passion and admiration for the art of perfumery.

We are very proud to have Alana on Keenobby and invite you to discover her a little more:

When and how did you discover your passion for botanical products? 

Over the last 5 years or so, I found myself buying more and more all natural products and enjoyed them for the subtle yet significant effects they had on my moods (even before I realized its name- “Aromatherapy”). Botanicals have the ability to make you feel a certain way when you smell them. Artificial scents may smell nice, but true botanicals from nature can really hit a personal spot within your soul. They just feel good to me.

Tell us a little bit more about the story behind alanaumbra 

Soon enough my perfume collection was growing as well as my knowledge of how perfumes were produced and what various scent notes smelled like and their attributes. Analyzing perfumes turned into a hobby a bit like dissecting wine flavors. I was just so curious about it. After taking some time off from work falling into in the Fashion Industry, I realized I could utilize all this knowledge while at the same time be able to use my creativity as an artist (I actually studied Fine Art & Digital Art), by making “olfactory art”, and therapeutic oils for others.

How did you find the inspiration to shape your brand’s identity? 

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.56.25 AMThe main mission of the brand is to connect people to nature and to themselves. It is my hope that the perfumes not only smell great to the wearer, but that they can bring upon some form of transformation. I designed the brand’s identity with tranquility/peacefulness in mind- something that I equate to the night. When it gets dark, everything is calm and quiet, I wanted to bring the magic of the night into the brand’s identity to get people to this state of mind. I use the snake motif often as it is a symbol of transformation, “shedding old skin”. 

What makes your products special and unique? What is your favorite one and why?

What sets the products apart from others on the market is our sensitivity to quality. I was trained as an artist, so I like to keep this in the brand by only forming relationships with independent small businesses who really care about the work they do and promote things like ethical harvest and sustainability. We get all of our supplies straight from artisanal farms and herbalists, and all our materials are organic and unsprayed whenever possible– Very important when you’re using perfumes not only to smell great, but also make use of botanical powers.

My personal favorite is Jasmin Mugra perfume oil. I have a deep connection to the Jasmine flower as it is nocturnal and only blooms at night. The heady scent resonates with me. It also reminds me of Jasmine tea and soothes my overactive mind. Jasmine is one of the top botanicals to ease anxiety. I go into detail about the effects certain plants can have on your mind/body in my listings so that others can find the one that suits them.

How do you see your brand evolving in the coming years, any projects, fresh news to reveal?

I’d like to continue to evolve the art aspect of the brand to add to the customers experience- ex: making botanical inks and drawing with them as additional products or incorporate them into the packaging etc. I’m also planning to participate in craft shows and take part in the creative community- just like with Keenobby!

Want to discover more about Alana Umbra’s collection? See more here: or check Alana’s profile on Keenobby

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