Beauty myths busted!

Meet Ilaria, she believes in the NO BS philosophy where skincare regime should only include all natural and organic ingredients. Owner and founder of Body Stuff, a handmade, pure and non toxic skincare products line for men and women alike.

Ilaria took out a few minutes to share some of her ideas and journey with the Keenobby team.

1.      When did you move to US? And what brought you here?

Drive, passion, and opportunity. I came to NY to work as an actress, knowing that this city offers endless opportunity for creative types like me. So, in 2012 my (now) husband and I packed our belongings and moved here from Italy: I attended the Collaborative Arts Project 21 musical theatre conservatory, and Guido got a master’s degree in Real Estate from NYU.

2.      How did you handle the transition from trying to become an actress to now a successful entrepreneur?

Well, I’m pretty sure I always had the entrepreneur’s blood, and the transition is still happening as I weave in and out of acting projects 😉 I lived the full “actor’s life” for a few years: spending endless days auditioning, evenings waitressing, and filling any spare moment with 3-4 other side jobs. It was thrilling, but very unsettling. I needed a to put my creative energy into something that is “real” and more grounded than my-actor-self. I started BODY STUFF at the perfect time in life and it has been such a rewarding experience. Days can be terrifying and stressful, because I feel like I never really know what I’m doing, but the company is growing and the success is tangible: it feels so empowering. For as much as I love being an entrepreneur, I am still finding a way to balance my life so that I can have more art and theatre in it. Acting is my oxygen and sometimes I need to take a deep breath!

3.      What drove you to start your own skincare line?

I was so fed up! I never really had a passion for skincare. Never really cared! I’d put stuff on my face just because I saw friends do it. Then the first “fine lines” started appearing and I knew I needed to take better care of my skin. At this point I already was a conscious consumer: the labels were gibberish, the prices were obscene, and I was aware of green-washing (disinformation disseminated by companies to present an environmentally responsible public image, such BS!). So, I decided to try make some face moisturizer in my kitchen, this way I could control what went in it. I gifted a few jars to my family; my Italian aunt asked me for the recipe. She made some and started selling it to her friends in Italy! Can you imagine?! So, I did the same, and a portal of creative opportunity opened before my eyes.

4.      What are the future plans for Body Stuff?

My goal is to develop the NO BS philosophy into a NO BS-lifestyle. The line of products will keep slowly expanding for sure, as I listen to my costumer’s needs. I am working on a blog and video channel that aims to be a home to the community of people that, like me, are fed up by the standards of the beauty industry and all the BS we encounter in our lives.

5.      What can our users expect from a “NO BS” experience?

When working with me, you can expect transparency, simplicity, clarity, and a ton of fun. That’s what it’s all about! I like to explore the simplest ingredients and methods to create products and beauty routines that are efficient and easy to replicate.

Want to make Body Stuff with Ilaria? Join one of her coming classes:




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