4 Ways to Celebrate Easter in New York City

Easter is approaching and  Keenobby whipped together some delicious activities to celebrate this day with food, drinks, friends, family and lots of fun! Cook with your fambam and enjoy the meal together.

Here is what’s on the menu for the Easter weekend:

Prepare authentic French truffles with the French! Start with the chocolate ganache while learning about the French origin of the truffles and sprinkle your truffles with toppings of your choice.

Take a Jamaican and Ayurveda inspired cooking class. Use veggie based ingredients and spices that invigorate the body. Wrap up the experience with  tapas around the dinner table homemade Turmeric basil drink or tea.


Discover the secret to a stretchy and flavorful pizza dough and crispy crust in a conventional home oven. Mix your own pizza dough as well as get tips for creating pizzas with your own personal twist. The best way to enjoy a real NYC inspired pizza pie with your favorite drink.


Spend your time in a warm, relaxing and creative terrarium class featuring a lite brunch. Sip and bite on a croissant/muffin and tea set, while you create a mini living garden to green your Spring.

More Keenobby experiences: https://www.keenobby.com/experiences/




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