Say yes to fun #makeitwiththemakers

The Brooklyn Makers Market last weekend kicked off an exciting new season of art and craft fairs in New York City. 

Throughout the weekend, Keenobby hosted a series of DIY workshops led by talented makers eager to share their passion and skills with visitors.  A brand new feature of this Market edition, the “Make it with the Makers” workshops gathered a hundred crafters and DIYers coming to spice up their weekend and have fun with their loved ones. And when we asked them how they felt about it, we were told Keenobby workshops were “relaxing” and “therapeutic”… Thanks, that’s all we hoped for!

Here is a glimpse of our exciting adventure…

The historical venue of the Weylin and the idyllic views of Manhattan were the perfect source of inspiration for hundreds of visitors coming to celebrate the talents of Brooklyn with good vibes and great food. 

A dozen workshops took place in the President’s room over the weekend: pie-making, jewelry, terrarium, natural cosmetics, clay flowers and more!

Special thanks to Keenobby expertainers who have taught the workshops and honored us with their presence at our collective booth.  

BMM BoothIMG_2796

Our makers are teaching workshops, see all their upcoming experiences:


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