Tête-à-tête with a power couple

Keenobby and Shwick Production are joining forces to showcase Brooklyn’s top talents at the upcoming Brooklyn Makers Market on 1-2 April, in Williamsburg.

We sat down with Chris and Jinyen, the two founders of Shwick Production and the Brooklyn Makers Market, and asked them a few questions about their joint adventure. From lovers to business partners and parents to two beautiful children, their life is nothing short of a perfect marriage, friendship and power packed business partners. Since they first met eleven years ago, they have collaborated on various business ideas and have always worked together in some capacity, so it was a no-brainer for them to join forces and form Shwick Production.


  • You are partners in life and at work, how do you handle that?

Jinyen: Since we met we’ve always been a couple who will bounce ideas back and forth.  We’re always seeking inspiration, and we strive to stay inspired in whatever we do.  That being said, there’s never been much of a distinction between work and life for us.

  • The Brooklyn Makers Market has been running for a few years now. How did it get all started?

Chris: Jinyen and I have been makers ourselves for a long time.  Our first business together was a t-shirt company – The Chalkboard Tee, a shirt you could wear and design yourself with chalk, erase it, wash it, and start all over.  We sold them directly to customers at markets, wholesale to stores like the MoMA Design Store, online via our website, and even as school fundraisers.

Jinyen: With experience selling at a variety of events, we had always thought it would be fun to do our own, so in 2014 we finally decided to make that a reality.  We’ve been doing events, from markets to art shows and more, since then.

Market- BLog

  • What’s the mission behind the Makers Market?

Chris: Our mission with the Brooklyn Makers Market is to showcase locally-made goods and create opportunities for makers to get their products out there, while gaining invaluable feedback from customers and clients.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.27.21 AM

  • Can you share with us some of your best memories from the Market?

Jinyen: We always love to see what everyone is making, and some of the makers who participate in our markets have been with us for a while.  We love it when friends and family visit, and we’ll always have some nice tunes to dance to. 

Chris: I’d say one of the best memories from the market would be the time I was pleasantly surprised when my friends came with a cake for my birthday and everyone was singing Happy Birthday!

  • What can visitors expect from the upcoming markets?

Chris:  For every market we do, we are always striving to find something more.  We’re very excited to be working with Keenobby to bring a series of workshops to our markets now and into the future.  Whenever possible, we try to incorporate live music and/or DJs, and of course, food. 

Jinyen: Yes, definitely expect to find more food at future markets!

Thank you guys!

To see the full program and register for Keenobby workshops at the Brooklyn Makers Market, CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 10.36.10 AM


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