We’re all a little Irish

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day- We’re all a little Irish ūüėČ celebrating this day with the parade on Fifth Avenue and the various events across the Irish pubs in the city. We only add to the excitement and give you all a little something to celebrate this day in Keenobby style with an exclusive Irish tour with Hank. Explore the¬†history and contributions of the many immigrants from Ireland who have called New York City home and learn about NYC‚Äôs rich tradition of welcoming immigrants from all over the world.

Hank is a native New Yorker and comes with diverse
experience: he is a real estate broker, visual artist, social worker, college professor, and now a tour guide! Having worked and lived all over the city, he is constantly¬†fascinated by the many layers of the city’s history, architecture and the rich diversity that makes New York unique.
We’ve asked him a few questions about his passion.
Tell us about you and how you started your journey as a Tour Guide
I had been a social worker for nearly 25 years and decided to change careers. As a native New Yorker, I had been an informal tour guide showing friends and family members the City visiting from afar. Then I discovered that tour guiding is a profession and I began to read and research more about New York’s amazing and rich history.
What is special about your tours, your approach?
I always place the neighborhoods we are visiting in context of the larger history of the city. I include information and anecdotes to appeal to people with diverse interests – from art and architecture to business and popular culture, even weaving in the current lifestyle and real estate of the area.

Tell us a little more about your relationship with NYC

I am a native New Yorker and I have lived in all the boroughs except for Staten Island. In addition I have had a broad spectrum of experiences as a student, professor, community organizer, social worker in the South Bronx, visual artist in SOHO, tour guide and real estate broker. As a result I have become familiar with many neighborhoods and I love helping people get to know different parts of the City.

Why did you decide to create a New York Tour tied up around the Irish Culture. What does it represent to you?

The Irish were the first group of people to emigrate in large numbers from a single country. By 1860 one in four New Yorkers were Irish. In the 1820’s Irish laborers built the Erie Canal which paved the way for New York to become a successful commercial seaport and eventually the Capital of the World. Irish immigrants have made a great impact on the city — in politics, the performing and creative arts – and the tradition of the Irish pub.

Want to tour the city with Hank? Check out his upcoming tours here: https://www.keenobby.com/profile/194-hank-o/



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