Women in charge! #inspiringchange

On March 8, 2017 –International Women’s Day– we celebrate and extend our support to women’s empowerment around the world.

The inspiring and courageous women at Keenobby have been a critical part of our journey and community. Today, we want to acknowledge some of these women who made a decision to be the superwomen! They followed their dreams, pursued their passion, became their own bosses regardless of all the obstacles they faced and came out stronger than ever before.

Liza – It only took one encounter! 

Founder of Luludi Living Art


Liza spent 15 years in Paris leading the Corporate life, day in and day out. Deep inside her, she always knew she possessed the entrepreneurial streak. One day, tired from her monotonous and stressful life in Paris, she decides to take a u-turn and move back to New York City to embrace her passion. Liza was obsessed to bring nature indoors artistically and got inspired by Patrick Blanc who creates stunning living walls everywhere in the world. She followed her gut feelings and launched luludi living Art

Today, Liza leads a fulfilling life with goals to reach the stars! Know more about her here.

Tina – It all started with a simple gift!

Inner Beauty Photographer


Born in Bulgaria, Tina started taking pictures for fun when she was 6 years old with a child-size Russian film camera gifted by her grandfather. Later on, after she won an academic scholarship, Tina 18, moved to the USA. She became a career-driven woman and embraced the path of a successful banker. Until that day she decided  to go back to her first love and dedicate her time and efforts to what truly brings meaning to her life – photography.  

Tina is driven to reveal what is beyond the surface of a face or place, and leave her subjects as a timeless representation of their lifetime story. Know more about her here.

Ariel – The trip that changed her life! 

Founder of Yun Boutique


Ariel grew up in China and since her youngest age, she was passionate about crafts, designing  and creating with her hands. Unfortunately, within her entourage, crafts weren’t considered decent work compared to the perspective of a business career. The greatest hopes were put on her, so she buried her own dreams in the bottom of her heart.  Later, she enrolled in Peking University as a MBA student. In 2010, Ariel became an exchange student at New York University’s Stern Business School. She has decided to stay in New York, chose freedom and self-fulfillment and launched Yun Boutique.

She decided to share peace, beauty, and strength via her favorite language: handcrafted jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is a piece of her soul, and represents the courage and dignity of faith. Know more about her here.

Shari – The burn out that saved her!

Founder of Indigo Jones Eats


Shari, is an accomplished fashion design executive with extensive experience in both the wholesale and retail business sectors. In 2009, she decided to branch out on her own and expanded her scope to include trend forecasting, blogging, and social media. Most importantly, she decided to finally pursue her lifelong passion for cooking and launched Indigo Jones Eats,  an artisan food company specializing in novelty baked goods.  She makes fun and decadent desserts and novelty baked goods, as well as fresh, healthy foods that pair her cooking skills with her design aesthetic.

While being a successful entrepreneur,  she is also a wife and mother and makes everything possible with her strong passion and love for work and family. Know more about her here.



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