Who said Valentine’s Day was only for couples?

Here comes that time of the year again! Just a few days until THE D-Day of lovers… or so-called V-DAY. Everybody has been talking about it for weeks now. It’s all over the place: in the train, in your inbox, in the newspaper, on TV, over lunch and dinner, and even at work (love and work… sounds weird, right?).

Every February comes with the same refrain: making the right gift and picking the best restaurant… And don’t screw up! or you will feel guilty and ashamed until next year… Really? Yes, so they say…

I am sure you can feel the flow of emotions (and tensions!) growing around as you are getting closer to the date. Excitement, hope and dreams for some, but also fear and anxiety for many.

We often see Valentine’s Day from the perspective of a beautiful couple, celebrating the month of love again. But what if you met your special someone just a couple of days ago? How do you celebrate the V-Day if you’re secretly crushing over your co-worker? Or if you simply broke up with your boyfriend last month? We don’t even dare mentioning the word “divorce” here — it’s really a taboo in this period of the year….


At Keenobby, we care for everybody. And our mission for Valentine’s Day is to help everyone celebrate the month of love in their own way, regardless of your love situation and relationship status. There are three core principles we constantly cherish in our community: People, Passion and Talent.

People: We put people at the center of everything we do. Despite hundreds of virtual friends and followers on social networks, lots of people are feeling lonely and isolated in real life (even more on Valentine’s Day!). Keenobby (re-)connects people and nurtures relationships through shared life experiences.

Passion: Keenobby is all about passions and self-fulfillment. We help our members spend more time doing what they love with people they like. So whether you are married or single, Keenobby facilitates encounters based on hobbies, interests and values — before, during and after Valentine’s Day!

Talent: We are here to help you hone your skills and uncover your talent. And if you have what it takes, you can join our pool of expertainers to offer your creativity and earn extra income, working at your own pace and according to your availability… And if you have a talent for love, good for you! 🙂



Here are some of our exciting experiences to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  1. Wellness and Relaxation DIY: Self Love Bath Soaks
  2. Botanical Perfume Making 101 – The power of scents on our mindsets
  3. Jewelry Making: Rose Quartz Bracelet
  4. Respect your skin: DIY natural balm and scrub workshop
  5. Ceramic Class: Flowers that last forever
  6. Valentine’s day dinner: Shrimp and Scallop Pasta with warm Citrus Sauce
  7. Couple Terrarium Class

Check our full selection here:



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