Crafting skin-friendly soap


We are proud to introduce another wonderful crafter. Anyelina is a natural beauty products maker. Through her classes on Keenobby, she reveals the basics of Soap Making!  Anyelina has always been  drawn to the talented artisans and crafters. So this really inspired her to pursue her passion. We asked her to talk about it and she shared her very touching personal story.


  1. Tell us about your Dominican Republic origins.

 I was born and raised in Santo Domingo. I am one of three children and we grew up in a middle class neighborhood with a lot of family around. My favorite memories are when we got to travel to the interior of the island to visit our grandparents. Their house was magical, with a Spanish garden inside, where my grandmother had the most beautiful roses, geraniums and so many pretty flowers and herbs of all kinds. I think that’s why I so much love to grow my own herbs and garden every summer! I am really thankful to my parents who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and passions and never give up.

  1. In three words, how would you describe yourself?

Wow, this is a tough question! I would say: Passionate, Outgoing, Reliable.

  1. How did you get into soap making and why?

To me, soap making represents a new way of treating my body. We tend to forget our skin is the largest organ in our body so we should be careful of how we treat it. I actually got into soap making when my Dad had to undergo chemotherapy due to his prostate cancer. His skin suffered the side effects of it, so we had to eliminate all the skin care products we had bought at the store for him. I then started some research on ingredients and the kind of raw materials that were mild enough for him, as well as which vegetable oils to use, etc.

  1. What makes your soaps special?

There must be a thousand plus soap makers out there. What makes my soaps special is that I thrive to keep them as natural and naked as possible – that is my goal. I like to use natural colorants, herbs for natural exfoliation, and organic materials, such as pureed carrots, avocados, papaya, etc. For my scents, I use all essential oils. If I use a fragrance, I make sure it doesn’t contain any phthalates or formaldehyde that tend to be carcinogenic. My favorite soap making method is the “cold process”, but I also use the “hot process” where you cook the soap in a crock pot. I use both methods depending on the expected result I want for the bar of soap.


  1. What do you need to make soap? Can anyone make their own soap at home?

In order to craft your own skin-friendly soap, you need to follow exact measurements of lye (sodium hydroxide), vegetable oils and fats. Of course, anyone can make their own soap at home; but you have to practice safety measures when handling the lye. Protective eye wear, long sleeves and gloves are a must for soap crafting.



  1. What kind of experiences are you hosting on Keenobby?

I am hosting a beginner soap making class. It is really great to share my passion and expertise during these classes. I would love to have a series that ranges from beginners to advanced soap making!

Want to make soap with Anyelina? Check out her next sessions with Keenobby:




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