How to bake French Beignets


As a native French foodie, I have always been fascinated by the beauty and the art of gastronomy.

I was born in Lyon and raised in the South of France – in our gorgeous and wonderful Provence. I have learnt how to bake and cook traditional French dishes and desserts at a very early age. 

My mother and grandmother  taught me their best recipes and special secrets. I am happy to share one of them with you today –The French Bugnes recipe


What are Bugnes? Similar to beignets, Bugnes are a specialty of Lyon made on Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, the last day before the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter. They are very buttery and get generously covered with powdered sugar.

Ingredients for a dozen beignets

1/2 cup (100 grammes) Flour

1 oz ( 20 grammes) Salted butter

1 Egg

1 oz (20-25 grammes) Sugar

Orange Blossom Water

1 orange and/or 1 lemon (zests only)

1/3 cup of yeast

A beer (up to your taste)

1. Mix the “dry ingredients” first

Pour the flour + the salt and the yeast – Stir until you get a seamless mix. Then, make a “volcano” in the middle of your mix.


2. Add 1 egg 

It is very important not to break the egg right away, cover it with flour first. Continue to make circular movements and incorporate your egg slowly to the mix until it gets flaky/crumbly.


3. Add the “wet ingredients”

Melt your salted butter and add it to the mix.



Do the same with beer (you can’t go wrong with the quantity, don’t be afraid to pour). Beer will act as an extra boost for the yeast and will make the batter much lighter and digest.


And the milk as well – The milk will add moisture and give the extra softness to the final dough


4. Flavor the batter up

Generally, pretty much everyone adds Orange blossom water, lemon and orange zests to the batter. Feel free to be creative and add vanilla (real or extract), rose water, coffee aroma or cinnamon…Don’t get carried away with putting too many flavors, it has to be SUBTLE and DELICATE 🙂

4. Dry the batter into a dough

Add flour to the batter and dry it up little by little (don’t put too much flour at once). Continue the circular movement and incorporate flour until you obtain a nice dough ball that you can unstick from the bowl and wrap. 


5. Let it rest for at least 2 hours – Then roll the dough

Roll the dough until you get a nice 1/5 of an inch thickness


img_44656. Cut the dough

Cut the dough into diamond shapes. Then create a vertical opening at the center of each diamond (this is to be able to make the famous knot shape of this beignet). Put the pick of the diamond in and out of the opening to get the knot done.

7. Get ready to deep-fry

Tie up your hair, put protection glasses, an apron and cooking gloves, you are about to fry.

Wait until the oil gets very hot – To test the oil, take a piece of dough and dunk it slowly in the oil, if you see a lot of bubbles around, it’s ready!

As you put your dough shapes in the oil, you will see them get bubbly and fluffy. When the borders get a nice golden color, it means you can turn the bugnes and cook the other side. (around 30 seconds each side)


8. Cover your Bugnes with powdered sugar

Be generous! As soon as you take the Bugnes out of the oil, toss them into a bowl and cover them IMMEDIATELY with powdered sugar. You want the sugar to stick to the grease.


Enjoy them immediately or cold the day after

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