At home with a Self-Made Fusion Chef

dsc_0015-660x400Meet Chef Anthony Brown, son of Caribbean Chefs. Anthony is a native New Yorker with an ever-evolving passion for cooking, healthy food, physical fitness and spiritual awareness. In the comfort of his condo apartment, Anthony offers recreational cooking classes within an open, elaborate kitchen space.

Where is your passion for cooking coming from? 

My passion for cooking comes from the ideal that cooking grows a community. I strongly believe that there’s a story to learn from all types of food. The learning aspect also fuels my appetite because I’m always looking for new experiences, tastes and techniques. My passion has grown tremendously over the last couple of years as I was hosting more and more cooking parties with friends at home.

Where and how did you learn to cook? 

Both my parents are great cooks. My mom and dad ran a restaurant together in the South Bronx; therefore cooking was a priority in the house. My parent’s restaurant was a take-out establishment so there was community of regulars whom frequent which helped to build a small community. Outside of the restaurant establishment, my mom and I spent countless hours in our home kitchen. I have learned a lot from my parents over the years – from chopping the raw spices and seasoning various meats to delicate food presentation. The learning never ends.

How would you define your cooking style/cuisine? 

I cook all types of meals. If I were to define a style in particular, I would use the word “Fusion” because I am inspired to mix cultures when cooking. So I may prepare a Caribbean-Indian based dish, such as Tandoori Jerk Chicken. 

What are your favorite kinds of cuisine and special dishes? 

PersonallyMexican and Thai food are probably my favorites, if I had to choose two! I am also a big fan of vegetarian dishes – they are super flavorful too! Honestly, I have no special dish in particular. My classes range from Italian, Caribbean, Thai, American, and more. But I have to say that I’m growing excited with my knowledge around Indian and Korean food – they are so diverse, meticulous and rich at the same time.  


Why did you decide to host cooking classes on Keenobby? 

I had never thought I could teach cooking classes. But at some point I realized people were raving about my cooking and were willing to pay for my expertise. So that’s how it first started out: hosting private cooking classes with friends as clients. I then thought it was time to scale up, and hosting a group class would help to broaden my brand, so here I am teaching in groups. I felt it was right to partner with Keenobby because my classes are focus on building an experience bigger than learning a dish but it’s more about having a great time with like-minded individuals. Keenobby represents the same thing.  

What makes your cooking classes so special? 

The environment is warm, intimate and inviting; which helps to set a homey feeling. There’s usually great music playing over the voices of the conversations. It’s organic. We talk music, dating, leadership, entrepreneurship and more! It’s actually much more than learning to cook; you leave with a wonderful cultural experience, new friends and lifelong memories. img_2585




Check Anthony’s upcoming sessions on Keenobby: and

Follow Anthony on Instagram @thesharkanthony




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