7 Experiential DIY Gifts

The holiday season is right around the corner and the shopping marathon has already started. Every year, we are all scratching our heads, browsing zillions of websites and waiting in endless lines to find the most delightful and original gifts for our loved ones. Why not taking a different approach this time? 

The holiday season is the time of the year when you should relax, laugh and be merry, not worry about crowded malls and delays in delivery. So let’s trade stressful holiday shopping with delightful gift making experiences. There is nothing more personal and rewarding than offering a gift of your own making. And on top of it, joining these experiences is a gift you are making to yourself too! 

1. Create a bespoke perfume

Create a 10ml botanical blend with your newfound olfactory finesse!

essential-oils2. Terrarium Christmas Ornaments

Set you inner artist free for Christmas


3. Prepare yummy chocolate treats

Impress Friends and Family with French Christmas sweets

bigstock-chocolate-truffles-129546954. Create All Natural body products

Customize your very own handmade 4oz sugar or salt scrub and 4oz body balm set

diy-citrus-salt-scrub-offbeat-inspired5. Blend a Milk Bath

Ensure your beloved ones next bath delivers unbelievable benefits to their body and soul

16_11-dmg_fall16_32236. Tye-Dye Pillow cases

Bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress cloth and each way results in very different patterns.

201643_idtx01a_02_ph1363957. Design a piece of jewelry

Let China’s divine cultural heritage inspire you



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