The Magical Language of Chinese Jewelry


Ariel Tian is the Founder and Designer of Yun Boutique, whose design is inspired by divine Chinese culture. Every piece of jewelry aims to carrying a beautiful message. Ariel has been hosting successful jewelry making workshops with Keenobby, a beautiful way for her to share the peace and power of her self-cultivation via her favorite language: handcrafted jewelry. 


How would you define Chinese “divine” jewelry?

Traditionally, China has been known as the ‘Land of the Divine,’ reflecting Chinese people’s deep belief in human-cosmic harmony. Chinese people believe that their civilization, known as the Celestial Empire in Chinese, is part of a complex heritage from heaven. For me, jewelry is magical language that uses gemstones and precious metals – the essence of nature – as letters that deliver a transcendent message. I hope to share the profound and beautiful divine Chinese culture with the world through Yun Boutique’s jewelry.

How important is jewelry in Chinese culture and traditions?

In ancient China, accessories and jewelry were much more than beautiful ornaments to complete an outfit. The rituals and symbolism behind their use and wear constituted a language in itself — one that, if penetrated, can reveal the traditional Chinese mode of thought and existence.


How do you translate this heritage and history into your jewelry?

My jewelry designs reflect my own fascination with traditional Chinese values and beliefs. Every piece of jewelry carries beautiful messages from this cultural tradition. My hope is that they help you become the person you aspire to be. This is the inspiration behind Yun Boutique, which I have gained from my own personal cultivation in Falun Dafa, an ancient Chinese meditation practice. I believe that life is a journey of spiritual self-cultivation, of becoming our best, most original and pure selves.

What are the main symbols of your jewelry?

Yun means “cloud” in Chinese, which is the main symbol of our jewelry. In Chinese iconography and Yun Boutique’s designs, clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine. The lotus is another important symbol of my jewelry. It ranks as the highest of all flowers in Chinese culture. It represents divinity and the best of the human spirit. .


What are your favorite gemstones?

I have three: jade, lapis and tridacna – all three have strong spiritual inspiration. Jade is the king of Chinese stones, revered for its connection to heaven. Lapis lazuli is a stone with the color of the bluest sky. It has long inspired thoughts of celestial realms. Tridacna, the whitest organic gemstone on earth, calms the wearer through its serenity.


You are hosting jewelry making workshops on Keenobby every month. What do these workshops represent for you? How do you turn your Keenobby workshops into authentic cultural experiences?

Keenobby workshops are precious opportunities for me to share the beauty of divine Chinese culture with wonderful people who delight in exploring and learning new things. Craftsmanship is not just about what you make. It is about how and why you make it. Our students learn about the inner meaning and cultural background behind the specific design of the class. After the DIY tutorial and instruction, they begin to make their own jewelry, accompanied by calming and inspiring classical Chinese music. With a full set of tools and materials provided, students receive one-on-one instructions and guidance. At the end of the Keenobby workshop, they leave with a delicate piece of jewelry of their own making. They can either keep it for them or offer it as a special gift.

Check Ariel’s upcoming sessions on Keenobby:


If you are interested in getting more information about Yun Boutique, take a look at her website:


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