When a fashion designer becomes a Chef!

Shari Hershon Portrait

Shari is a fashion design executive pursuing her passion for beautiful and delicious food. She makes fun and decadent desserts and novelty baked goods, as well as fresh, healthy foods that pair her cooking skills with her design aesthetic. Shari hosts cooking classes in New York City. She opens her home kitchen in Chelsea to foodies and students willing to develop their cooking and baking skills.

Tell us a little bit about your passion for cooking. Where is it coming from?

I love to cook! I enjoy the creativity and the fact that I can transform simple ingredients into something special. I find that immersing myself in the process of cooking and baking can be almost meditative at times. I also love that I am making others happy, and nourishing their bodies as well as their senses.


What is your main source of inspiration?

I am inspired by beautiful, uncomplicated food. I aspire to be healthy, and use the best quality, freshest ingredients I can. I think all of our senses are engaged in eating: the smell and the taste are so important, but we also feast with our eyes, so I try to make my food as visually stimulating as possible, without ever getting fussy.

As a fashion design executive, how would you define elegance in cooking?

As a fashion designer, I would define elegance as something that is understated, simple and sophisticated, and of very high quality. I suppose I view food the same way. Yet as a designer and a chef, I think there are times to add a little whimsy, a little decadence and some fun to your wardrobe and your table to spice things up.

Any particular foodie’s souvenir you would like to share?

I don’t know…I haven’t really gotten any foodie souvenirs that I can think of, but I have met incredible people through the culinary entrepreneur community, so that could be the best souvenir of all!

Why did you decide to host cooking classes on Keenobby?

I enjoy hosting classes with Keenobby. The opportunity to share my passion for cooking with others is a wonderful thing! I have had a great group of people in every single class, who collaborate and socialize with one another to create an atmosphere of community and fun. It’s also great to demystify certain techniques or foods that intimidate people, and show them that they CAN make it, they just didn’t know how yet.

What would you tell people interested to learn cooking?

Learning to cook is a skill anyone can have. Being a great cook requires a passion, and the willingness to explore a bit, and fail sometimes. I certainly have had my share of kitchen fails! As we acquire basic skills in the kitchen and cook for ourselves, it has great benefit to our health and wellbeing.

For more information about Shari and her cooking classes in New York, please visit her profile on Keenobby: https://www.keenobby.com/activity/holiday-pies-tarts/

For more information about Shari’s work, check her blog: https://indigo-jones.com


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